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Agilizar is a Spanish verb that has many definitions and meanings in English. It can be used to refer to processes, activities, and tasks that involve speeding up the process or making something faster. In this explanation, I will discuss some of the relevant questions and answers regarding agilizar's meaning in English.

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3. Agilizar | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict
Agilizar | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDictagilizar · 1. (to accelerate). to speed up. a. to speed up · 2. (to make more agile). a . to sharpen. Si quieres agilizar la mente, debes ejercitarla. · 3. (to give more ...

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agilizar in English | English Spanish Translator | Nglish by BritannicaHow to say agilizar In English - Translation of agilizar to English by Nglish, on- line comprehensive Spanish – English and English – Spanish Dictionary, ...

What does agilizar mean?

Agilizar means to speed up a process or activity, make something faster, or improve efficiency.

When should agilizar be used?

Agilizar should be used when you want to increase the speed of a process or task. It can also be used when attempting to make something more efficient or reduce waste in a process.

How do you use agilizar correctly?

To use agilizar correctly, identify the process or task that needs to be sped up and find ways to accomplish this goal by improving efficiency or reducing waste. It can also involve finding new ways of completing tasks more quickly and effectively.

What other words are related to agilizar?

Other words related to agilizer include accelerar (to accelerate), optimizar (to optimize) and dinamizar (to energize).

In conclusion, agilizar is a Spanish verb with multiple meanings in English including speeding up processes and activities as well as improving efficiency and reducing waste. To use it correctly, one must identify what needs to be sped up and find ways of doing so more quickly while managing resources better.


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