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Adoption in Poland is the legal process by which a child becomes part of another family. It is a permanent change in the child’s legal status and involves the transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from one family to another. In order to become an adoptive parent, individuals must meet certain requirements set out by law.

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What are the requirements for adoption in Poland?

To become an adoptive parent in Poland, individuals must be at least 25 years old if single or 20 years old if married. The prospective adoptive parents must also have no criminal record and must pass a psychological evaluation. Additionally, those wishing to adopt a child from abroad will need to fulfill any other requirements laid out by that particular country's law.

Does it cost money to adopt a child from Poland?

Yes, there can be costs associated with adoption in Poland. Depending on where you are adopting from, there may be fees associated with home studies and other services related to the adoption process itself as well as travel expenses for trips abroad if necessary.

Is it possible to adopt a child with special needs in Poland?

Yes, it is possible to adopt a child with special needs in Poland although this type of adoption can sometimes involve additional steps or requirements. Prospective adoptive parents should contact their regional court or orphanage for more information on how they can go about adopting these kinds of children.

Can same-sex couples adopt children from Poland?

No, same-sex couples are not currently able to adopt children in Poland as same-sex marriage is not recognized under Polish law.

Adoption in Poland is an important step towards creating loving families for many children who would not otherwise have one. Those who wish to undertake such an endeavor must adhere to strict rules and regulations, but with patience and dedication they will soon have their dream come true.


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