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Adopt France is a program that allows individuals and couples to become the legal guardians of French children who have yet to find a home. Under this program, adoptive parents are legally responsible for providing the same care, protection, and support expected from any parent. The Adopt France program is regulated in France by a variety of different laws and rules. This article will provide an explanation of Adopt France as well as answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the program

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1. Adopt | Definition of Adopt by Merriam-Webster
Adopt | Definition of Adopt by Merriam-WebsterAdopt definition is - to take by choice into a relationship; especially : to take ... See the full definition for adopt in the English Language Learners Dictionary. adopt.

3. Adoption | Definition of Adoption by Merriam-Webster
Adoption | Definition of Adoption by Merriam-WebsterAdoption definition is - the act of adopting : the state of being adopted. How to ... See the full definition for adoption in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

5. adopt - Dictionary of English
adopt - Dictionary of Englishadopt out, to place (a child) for adoption:The institution may keep a child or adopt it out. Latin adoptāre, equivalent. to ad- ad- + optāre to opt; Middle French ...

7. adoption - Dictionary Definition :
adoption - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comAdoption comes from the Old French word adoptare, meaning "to chose for oneself.” Feel like adding an option? Try adoption. Adoption is the noun form of adopt ...

8. Adoption - Wikipedia
Adoption - WikipediaAdoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, ... English common law, for instance, did not permit adoption since it contradicted ... In the same vein, France's Napoleonic Code made adoption difficult, ... saw rapid growth and acceptance of adoption as a means to build a family.

9. Adopt Meaning | Best 20 Definitions of Adopt
Origin of adopt · Middle English adopten from Old French adopter from Latin adoptāre ad- ad- optāre to choose. From American Heritage Dictionary of the English ...

10. Adopt Definition & Meaning |
Adopt Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comFirst recorded 1490–1500; late Middle English adopten, partly from Middle French adopter, partly from Latin adoptāre, equivalent to ad- verb prefix + optāre “ to ...

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