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An adesivo is a form of branding or advertising which involves sticking physical adhesive logos or slogans on an item. Typically, adesivos are used to promote a product, service or company to bring recognition and brand awareness.

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What materials can be used for an adesivo?

Common materials for adesivos include vinyl, paper and plastic, as these materials can be easily printed and stuck to items.

What items can be used for an adesivo?

Any type of physical object can be used, including goods like mugs and posters, vehicles such as buses and cars, public spaces such as walls or billboards, etc.

How effective is an adesivo compared to other forms of advertising?

Adesivos are an incredibly versatile form of marketing - they are cost-effective, require minimal installation effort and often reach a wide audience. They can also provide lasting brand awareness without the need for ongoing maintenance.

What should I consider when creating an adesivo?

When designing your own adesivo you will want to consider factors such as the size of the sticker, the type of material used and whether the design appears engaging from a distance. Additionally, you may want to think about placement in order to make sure that it will have maximum visibility.

Adesivos offer brands a variety of benefits for relatively little expense; from cost-effectiveness and high visibility outdoors to easy placement on any given surface. When designing your own stickers it is important to consider factors such as size, material quality and placement in order to ensure maximum noticeability.


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