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An added advantage is an extra benefit that can be obtained from an agreement or contract that wasn't part of the original deal. It provides extra value to the transaction without additional cost.

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What is an added advantage?

An added advantage is a benefit that is not part of the original agreement with a vendor or other provider, but which adds value to the agreement.

How does an added advantage work?

An added advantage can provide additional benefits to a transaction without incurring any additional costs. This could include things like discounts, free services, or other perks.

Who can take advantage of an added advantages?

Anyone who enters into an agreement or contract where there are potential benefits that were not originally included in the deal may be able to take advantage of these additional perks by negotiating them as part of their bargain.

When should someone look for an added advantage?

Whenever you are entering into a transaction with another party, it’s always wise to consider whether there are any additional benefits you could obtain by negotiating for them as part of your deal.

Why use an added advantage?

Adding extra benefits to agreements at no cost can provide valuable incentives for customers and help strengthen business relationships between parties involved in transactions.

Added advantages are beneficial for both parties involved in a transaction because they add extra value without adding cost. They can also help facilitate better business relationships and establish goodwill among vendors and customers alike. By understanding what constitutes an added advantage and proactively looking for them when entering into agreements, people can potentially gain more out of their deals than they initially expected.


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