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The term “latched on” is often used to refer to a situation in which one person relies on or takes advantage of another, usually in an unhealthy manner. It could describe a situation between two people in any type of relationship, whether it be romantic, professional, platonic, or familial. Here are some FAQs about the definition of “latched on”

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What does it mean when someone is "latched on" to you?

When someone is “latched on” to you, it means they are relying heavily on you or taking advantage of your resources without giving anything back. They may be expecting too much from the relationship and not respecting your boundaries.

Is being "latched on" a bad thing?

Yes, being “latched on” is generally seen as a negative thing since it implies manipulation and usually an imbalance of power. It means the other person is taking more than they are giving and expecting more than is fair.

Are there ways to deal with someone who is "latched on" to you?

Absolutely! You should first try talking things out with the other person and setting clear boundaries for them. If that doesn't work then pulling away from them may be necessary in order for both parties to have healthy relationships with each other.

Can being "latched on" apply to non-romantic relationships?

Yes, being “latched on” can happen between any two people regardless of their relationship status. It could occur between coworkers, friends, family members or anyone else who has some kind of interaction with each other.

Being “latched on” refers to an unhealthy dynamic between two people which involves one taking more than they give while expecting too much from the other party. It can happen in any kind of relationship and if left unaddressed can lead to strained interactions and even broken bonds between these individuals. Being aware of this concept is important for all types of relationships so that if it ever arises in yours, you know how to handle it properly and maintain healthy dynamics both with yourself and others!


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