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Accredit is a verb that means to give official approval or recognition to someone or something. This action is usually done by an authority, such as a governing body, in order to grant legal permission and/or certification of quality. For example, an accreditation process may include detailed assessments of institutions and individuals in order to ensure certain standards are met.

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1. Accredit | Definition of Accredit by Merriam-Webster
Accredit | Definition of Accredit by Merriam-WebsterAccredit definition is - to give official authorization to or approval of:. ... approve, endorse, sanction, accredit, certify mean to have or express a favorable opinion ... See the full definition for accredit in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

2. Accredited Definition & Meaning |
Accredited Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comAccredited definition, officially recognized as meeting the essential requirements, as of academic excellence: accredited schools. See more.

4. Accreditation Definition & Meaning |
Accreditation Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comAccreditation definition, the act of giving official authority or approval, or the resulting status; certification: Today they officially opened the process of accreditation ...

8. Accredit - definition of accredit by The Free Dictionary
Accredit - definition of accredit by The Free DictionaryDefine accredit. accredit synonyms, accredit pronunciation, accredit translation, English dictionary definition of accredit. tr.v. ac·cred·it·ed , ac·cred·it·ing ...

10. ACCREDIT | Definition of ACCREDIT by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...
ACCREDIT | Definition of ACCREDIT by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...What is the definition of ACCREDIT? What is the meaning of ACCREDIT? How do you use ACCREDIT ... synonyms for accredit. Translate accredit into Spanish  ...

What does it mean to accredit someone?

Accrediting someone means giving them official approval or recognition from an authoritative group. It generally involves assessments of the individual or institution in order to certify that certain standards are being met.

Who typically gives the accreditation?

Accreditation can be given by a variety of organizations depending on the field involved. Generally speaking, it is usually some type of governing body that has the authority to grant legally binding certifications.

What is the purpose of accreditation?

The purpose of accreditation is generally related to upholding certain standards within the relevant industry. It also provides assurance that proper procedures have been followed in order for an individual or institution to receive official approval and recognition.

Accreditation is an important process that ensures quality control and sets criteria for professionals across many industries. It grants legal permissions and certifications while also verifying that standards have been properly met.


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