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The Dog Trainer Academy is an online learning platform that provides comprehensive courses to help aspiring dog trainers and professionals in the pet care industry obtain the necessary knowledge and skills they need to become a successful and certified dog trainer. With its variety of courses, insightful tips, and career advice, this academy has helped many individuals advance their passion for training dogs.

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The Academy for Dog Trainers - Reviews | FacebookExcellent education on theory and practical behavior interpretation and shaping. Incredible founder and instructor, Jean Donaldson. Quite a bit of hands on work ...

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What kind of courses does the Dog Trainer Academy offer?

The Dog Trainer Academy offers a range of courses, from basic obedience training to advanced behavioral modification techniques. In addition, the academy also offers specialized classes focusing on puppy socialization, aggressive behavior management, humane handling methods, managing group classes, business strategies and more.

Is there a way to get further assistance after taking a course?

Yes! The academy provides additional support through mentorships with experienced trainers who can assist students in achieving their professional goals. Furthermore, graduates are able to access job listings across the country as well as benefit from the discounts available on dog-related products.

What do I need to become a student at the Dog Trainer Academy?

All you need is a valid email address and good internet connection. You will have immediate access to all course materials upon sign up so you can start your training as soon as possible!

Is certification available with these courses?

Yes! Upon completion of certain courses or programs at the academy, students may be eligible for certification under various organizations depending on their location. In addition, graduates receive professional references which could be beneficial in obtaining future job opportunities in their field.

With its extensive resources and helpful guidance by experts, the Dog Trainer Academy is an excellent choice for those looking to develop their expertise in pet care and increase their chances of success in this field. From comprehensive training programs to real-world experience with mentorships - this academy is sure to help you launch your career as a qualified and certified dog trainer!


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