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Abrasive is a term used to describe an object that can be used to grind or scour away materials that are hard or difficult to remove.

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1. Abrasive | Definition of Abrasive by Merriam-Webster
Abrasive | Definition of Abrasive by Merriam-WebsterHow to use abrasive in a sentence. abrasive Has Latin Roots. ... time, English had two different but similarly derived words meaning "to wear down": abrade and ...

2. Abrasive Definition & Meaning |
Abrasive Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comAbrasive definition, any material or substance used for grinding, polishing, etc., ... How to use abrasive in a sentence ... British Dictionary definitions for abrasive.

5. Use abrasive in a sentence | The best 88 abrasive sentence examples
Abrasive sentence example · Other mineral products are graphite, garnet used as an abrasive , pyrite and zinc ore. · He smiled at her, understanding what it was to  ...

6. Abrasive Meaning | Best 11 Definitions of Abrasive
What does abrasive mean? Harsh and rough in manner. (adjective) An unpleasant, abrasive personality. ... All rights reserved. Meanings · Synonyms · Sentences · Quotes · Spanish ... The definition of abrasive is something that is harsh or rough, often to an unpleasant degree. An example of abrasive is the attitude of your ...

7. ABRASIVE | Definition of ABRASIVE by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...
ABRASIVE | Definition of ABRASIVE by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...What is the definition of ABRASIVE? What is the meaning of ABRASIVE? How do you use ABRASIVE in a sentence? What are ... Meaning of abrasive in English: ...

9. Abrasive: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE
1. Because of Kurt's abrasive personality, most people try to avoid him at work. · 2 . The clerk was so abrasive to me I walked out the store without making a ...

In summary, an abrasive is an object designed for grinding and scouring away materials that are hard or impossible to remove using other methods or tools . A variety of materials can be removed using abrasives and there are different grades available depending on the desired outcome after its use.


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