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Abortar is a Spanish noun that can be loosely translated to English as "abortion," which is the medical procedure of ending an undesired pregnancy. Abortion can be performed either surgically or medically and is a controversial topic in many societies. This article will explain the definition of abortar and answer frequently asked questions about abortion.

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4. What does aborto mean?
What does aborto mean?Information and translations of aborto in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions ... How to pronounce aborto? Alex. US English. Daniel. British. Karen.

6. Translate "aborto" from Spanish to English - Interglot Mobile
something ugly. abortion; → aborto; engendro; · the act of aborting a project, etc. abortion; → aborto; · act of inducing abortion. abortion; → aborto; · induced abortion.

What does abortar mean?

Abortar is the Spanish word for “abortion”, which is the medical process of terminating a pregnancy before it is full term.

How common are abortions?

According to statistics published by the Guttmacher Institute in 2019, almost 44 million women around the world had abortions in 2017, making it one of the most common medical procedures worldwide.

Who can get an abortion?

Generally speaking, any woman who wishes to terminate her pregnancy has access to an abortion, though certain restrictions may apply depending on where you live.

Are abortions safe?

When performed by trained healthcare professionals and within legal guidelines, abortions are considered safe medical procedures with minimal risks and complications.

In conclusion, abortar is a Spanish word for "abortion," which is a common medical procedure used to end an unwanted pregnancy. It has become increasingly accessible around the world with many countries introducing laws that make it easier for people to access safe abortion services.


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