A Votre Sante Definition And Meaning In English

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"À votre santé" is a French phrase that is used as a toast when drinking in celebration. The literal translation of "à votre santé" is “to your health”, which emphasizes the phrase’s purpose as a celebration of good health.

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What does "à votre santé" mean in English?

In English, "à votre santé" means “to your health” or “cheers to you!”

How is the phrase used?

The phrase is commonly used as a toast or sign of respect when drinking alcohol with friends. It can be used to celebrate the health and happiness of friends, family, and companions.

Is the phrase commonly used for more than just toasting?

Yes, aside from being used as a toast, it can also be used casually to show concern for someone's well-being by asking “comment va votre santé” (literally “how does your health stand?”). This could be translated into English as something like “how are you doing?”

Are there any variations on this phrase?

Yes, variations may include using the word sante' instead of santé (which would refer to multiple people) or adding an adjective such as bonne ("bonne santé") to emphasize good health.

"À votre santé" is an exclamation and traditional toast amongst French language speakers that translates literally into English as “to your health.” This phrase has many potential uses within the language and culture including expressing best wishes for good health and general well-being among peers.


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