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A salvage yard is a business or area that is devoted to buying, selling, and recycling parts from cars and other vehicles. Salvage yards are also sometimes known as junkyards. People who work in the salvage yard typically buy damaged cars, assess the value of their usable parts, and then resell them for a profit. In some cases, the parts can be used to repair a damaged car that has come into the salvage yard.

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What happens to unsellable parts?

Unsellable parts may be recycled through specialized processes or disposed of in an ecologically-friendly manner.

What other types of items can be found at a salvage yard?

Salvage yards often carry other items such as appliances, furniture, building materials, bicycles and more.

What is required to purchase from a salvage yard?

Customers should bring their own tools if they plan to disassemble items onsite at the dealership. They will also need to make sure they have appropriate transportation for large items like car engines and other large pieces of equipment.

How do I know if an item listed in the inventory is still available?

Customers should contact the salvage yard directly if they would like more information about whether an item is still available. Often times there will also be up-to-date inventory lists on the website or over the phone.

Salvage yards offer consumers an affordable way to acquire vehicle parts that would otherwise be expensive or impossible to find otherwise. By taking apart damaged automobiles and assessing individual components' value while following environmentally friendly practices these businesses are able provide consumers with quality products while helping keep our environment clean as well!


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