A Plus Tard French Definition And Meaning In English

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A plus tard is an informal expression in French that means “see you later” or “later on.” It is commonly used when parting ways with someone who you will be meeting again.

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How do you say A Plus Tard in English?

A Plus Tard translates to "later" or "see you later" in English.

Is A Plus Tard formal?

No, A Plus Tard is considered an informal phrase.

Is it appropriate to use A Plus Tard in a business setting?

Yes, it is appropriate to use A Plus Tard in a business setting as long as it is addressed to someone senior and not too familiar.

What other phrases are similar to A Plus Tard?

Similar phrases include Au Revoir (to say goodbye) and À Bientôt (see you soon).

As one of the most popular phrases in the French language, A Plus Tard can be used in both informal and formal contexts but should be adapted depending on the situation. It can help convey respect and appreciation when communicating with another person while also expressing that they'll be seeing them soon.


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