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A pesar is a Spanish phrase that is used to indicate the contrary to what one might expect. The phrase translates directly to "despite" or "in spite of". It can be used to express surprise at something going against the norm, such as someone succeeding in a difficult situation when logic would suggest they should have failed.

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What does "a pesar" mean in English?

In English, "a pesar" translates to "despite" or "in spite of".

How is the phrase commonly used?

A pesar is usually used to express surprise when something goes against the expected norm, like when someone succeeds in a difficult situation even though logic would suggest they should have failed.

Are there any other ways the phrase is used?

Yes, it can also be used before an expression of regret or apology - for example, “A pesar de mi culpa, te sigo amando”, which means “In spite of my fault, I still love you”.

Is there anything else I should be aware of when using this phrase?

Yes – depending on context, using “a pesar” instead of “aunque” (although) might come across confrontational if it implies that you are disagreeing with another person’s opinion or choice. If in doubt, it's perhaps best to go for “aunque” instead.

A pesar is a useful and versatile Spanish phrase for expressing surprise and making statements about expectations not being met - but care must be taken not to appear too confrontational when using it.


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