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The phrase "a mile away" is frequently used as an idiomatic expression to indicate that something can be seen, heard or understood easily and without any effort. In other words, it means that something is literaly "a mile away", or within our reach.

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4. Mile | Definition of Mile by Merriam-Webster
Mile | Definition of Mile by Merriam-WebsterMile definition is - any of various units of distance: such as. ... located Elliot at a Burger King roughly a quarter-mile away from the incident, court documents said. ... See the full definition for mile in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

6. A mile away - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
A mile away - Idioms by The Free DictionaryIf someone is miles away, they are completely unaware of what is happening or of what someone is saying, because they are thinking deeply about something ...

9. Is miles away - definition of is miles away by The Free Dictionary
Is miles away - definition of is miles away by The Free DictionaryDefine is miles away. is miles away synonyms, is miles away pronunciation, is miles away translation, English dictionary definition of is miles away. n. 1.

10. be miles away | meaning of be miles away in Longman Dictionary of ...
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe miles awaybe miles away spokenATTENTION to not be paying attention to anything that is happening ...

What does the phrase "a mile away" mean?

The phrase "a mile away" is an idiom which is commonly used to indicate that something can be easily seen, heard or understood. It implies that something is literally within reach.

How often do we use the phrase "a mile away"?

The phrase "a mile away" is a very common idiom used in everyday language, though it pops up more frequently in informal conversations than formal ones.

Is the phrase always literal?

No, the phrase "a mile away" is typically figurative rather than literal. It generally doesn't refer to a physical distance of one mile - instead it indicates how easy something is to understand or detect.

Does the phrase ever have a negative connotation?

It depends on context. Generally speaking, no - the phrase has mostly positive implications, implying that whatever it references can be clearly seen, heard or understood without any difficulty. However, if a person were using the phrase sarcastically then it could have a negative connotation.

Who uses this expression?

Both native and non-native speakers alike use this expression fairly often in everyday conversations. As such, its use spans multiple countries and cultures around the world.

To sum up, the idiomatic expression "a mile away" suggests that something can be immediately identified with ease and not require much effort to spot or comprehend. This popular phrase has been adopted by many language users all over the world as a fun way to express their thoughts and feelings with relative ease.


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