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The majority is an important concept in English grammar. It refers to a group of people or things that represent the greater part of a population. Majority can be used to describe either the number of people or things in a group, or the outcome of a vote. In both cases, it implies that more than half of the population is on one side or the other. In this article, we will discuss what majority means, how it is used in grammar and common FAQs about it.

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What does “majority” mean?

Majority means being more than half of the total population, either in terms of people or things. This could refer to an actual count, such as 50 people out of 100 making up the majority, or it could refer to an outcome of a vote where one party has more than half of the votes and is declared victorious.

How is majority used in grammar?

Majority is usually used as an adjective when describing a group or result - for example you could say "the majority opinion" or "the majority voted for X". It can also be used as a noun - for example you could say "the majority were against it".

What are some examples of using “majority” in sentences?

Here are some examples demonstrating how “majority” would be used in sentence form; "The majority opinion on this issue was clear"; "The majority voted against the proposal"; "The candidate won by a comfortable majority"; "The town council was captured by the new party with a strong majority".

Can “majority” be used with singular nouns?

Yes, although it's generally more common to use “majority” with plural nouns (like “opinions” or “votes”). You can use it with singular nouns if desired – for example you might say “The candidate won by a comfortable majority vote”. However you may want to re-word your sentence in order to make it sound more natural.

From this explanation we can see that there are many ways that 'majority' can be used in English grammar. It usually describes either a group size (more than 50% of something) or an outcome from a vote (more than 50% voting for something). Knowing how and when to use 'majority' can help make sure your writing accurately reflects what you're trying to convey!


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