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A clean sweep is a phrase used to describe when one person or entity reduces their competition. It means that someone has managed to completely dominate an action, game, process, or competition.

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1. Clean Sweep | Definition of Clean Sweep by Merriam-Webster
Clean Sweep | Definition of Clean Sweep by Merriam-WebsterDefinition of clean sweep ... 1 : a victory in which one side or team wins every game, contest, etc. The Red Sox won the series in a clean sweep. The election was a ...

2. Clean sweep Definition & Meaning |
Clean sweep Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comClean sweep definition, an overwhelming or decisive victory, as by a political candidate who wins in all or almost all election districts. See more.

6. clean sweep - Wiktionary
English Wikipedia has an article on: clean sweep · Wikipedia. NounEdit · clean sweep (plural clean sweeps). (chiefly politics) A complete or overwhelming ...

What does "a clean sweep" mean?

A clean sweep is a phrase used to describe when one person or entity reduces their competition by completely dominating an action, game, process, or competition.

What kind of events can a clean sweep be used to describe?

A clean sweep can be used in any situation where one individual or organization manages to completely dominate the other competitors and come out ahead in an event such as a game, election, auction, negotiation, etc.

How do you know if someone has achieved a clean sweep?

If one individual or organization is able to outcompete all other parties in a specific task and secure clear victory then this is known as achieving a clean sweep.

Is it possible for multiple entities achieve a clean sweep?

Yes - two or more entities can work together and achieve a collective clean sweep if they are able to dominate the competition together. This usually results from both entities working closely together and co-operating towards the same goal.

Does achieving a clean sweep guarantee success?

No - while achieving a clean sweep is considered impressive it does not guarantee ongoing success in future events. As such, continued effort must be taken even after securing victory through a clean sweep.

Achieving a clean sweep has become synonymous with success and dominance. It describes an impressive feat whereby one entity manages to surpass every competitor in order to secure a notable victory.


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