Workplace Sensitivity Training

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Workplace sensitivity training is designed to inform and educate employees on how to be sensitive, respectful, and understanding of the different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions that make up their workplace. This kind of training is increasingly important in the modern workplace due to the increasing diversity of its population. By taking part in this type of training, employees can learn skills to effectively communicate and work together in a respectful manner

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What topics are covered in workplace sensitivity training?

Workplace sensitivity trainings typically cover topics such as cultural competency; recognizing biases and micro aggressions; understanding differences in worldviews; developing empathy for colleagues; respecting privacy, boundaries, and confidentiality; creating safe spaces for everyone at work; understanding disability rights; responding to inappropriate behavior like bullying or harassment; and dispute resolution techniques

Who should attend workplace sensitivity trainings?

All employees should strive to attend a workplace sensitivity training session. This includes managers and supervisors who can benefit from building stronger relationships with their staff members by taking part in such sessions that foster better communication among all levels of the organization

How often should I participate in workplace sensitivity trainings?

It's recommended that each person participate at least once a year but depending on the particular organization or company’s needs, additional or more frequent trainings may be necessary. Companies should consider making it part of their onboarding process or offering refresher courses every few months

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