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Words With Ile

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2. Words that End in ILE
Words that end with ILE are commonly used for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the top scoring words to beat the ...

6. Affixes: -ile
Affixes: -ile-ile. Also ‑il and ‑ility. Forming adjectives and some nouns. Via French from Latin ‑ilis. Most words in ‑ile from this source are adjectives: agile, ...

7. Words That End With Ile
Words That End With Ile9 Letter Words That End in Ile · airmobile · basophile · campanile · cantabile · chamomile · cinephile · crocodile · difficile ...

8. Words in ILE - Ending in ILE*ile
Words in ILE - Ending in ILEList of words ending with ILE: ile, bile, file, Gile, hile, kile, Lile, mile, Nile, pile, rile, Sile, tile, vile, wile, agile, anile, avile, axile, baile, ...

10. Ile Definition & Meaning |
Ile Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.coma suffix of adjectives expressing capability, susceptibility, liability, aptitude, etc.: agile; docile; ductile; fragile; prehensile; volatile. Also -il. Origin ...

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