Uses of ICT in our Life – Essay and composition

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Write a composition on ‘Uses of ICT in our Life’. আমাদের জীবনে আইসিটির ব্যাবহারের উপর একটি রচনা লেখ। What are the uses of ICT for our daily life? Students write an essay about this topic Uses of ICT in our Life in 300 words. School and College students write a composition of ICT.

Uses of ICT in our Life


ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. The term refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. These technologies include the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication media like radio, television, etc. By dint of ICT people are now living in an inter-connected world. We cannot think of modern life without ICT.

ICT in communication

ICT has created a ‘global village’. Now, we can communicate with others across the world like next-door neighbors. Now, we have technologies like instant messaging, voice-over IP (VOIP), and video-conferencing. Besides, we have social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. All these allow us to remain in contact all over the world.

ICT in education

The modern education system has become greatly dependent on ICT. Now educational institutions have multimedia classrooms. Students get computer and internet facilities. So, they can gather available information on their project or topic. Through the internet, they are also able to connect with the world-famous libraries for reading materials.

Uses of ICT in our Life

ICT in business

ICT has been a catalyst in modern business. Computer and internet technology enables companies to communicate with their clients, suppliers, and distributors easily. So, businessmen can get information in time and can conduct their business successfully. E-commerce is flourishing all over the world due to internet technology. Various business organizations use ICT to advertise their products and services, hire employees, and manage their business efficiently.

ICT in modern banking

The modern banking system is the contribution of ICT. Today people can draw and deposit cash without going to the bank. They can purchase goods through credit cards or debit cards provided by the banks. They can pay different bills through mobile banking. Transferring money at home and abroad is now a matter of pressing a button on a mobile phone or a computer.

ICT in medical science

Medical science is moving forward with the help of ICT. Now computers are used to diagnose diseases and make critical surgical operations. Internet, mobile phone, etc have facilitated the communications between doctors and doctors, and between doctors and patients. Healthcare services have improved a lot due to communication technologies.

ICT in entertainment

ICT has brought a revolutionary change in people’s recreational activities. Today people can have a lot of entertainment from mobile phones, television, computers, etc. They can find their area of interest and spend their pastime sitting anywhere. ‘


There is no denying the fact that ICT suffers from some abuses. Some people use the internet to bully and intimidate others. This is called Cyberbullying. Cybercrime or the use of computers in criminal activities has also become very common. Hacking and malware or computer virus are making troubles for many sectors. On the other hand, using ICT too much leads teenagers to addiction, isolation, and passivity ( OT).


We cannot think of modern life without ICT. At the same time, we cannot deny the abuses of ICT. So, we need to be careful to ensure the proper use of information and communication technologies.

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