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Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone – Write a composition or essay

By Team MeaningKosh - 12 August 2022

Write a composition on ‘Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone’. মোবাইল ফোনের ব্যাবহার ও অপব্যবহারের উপর একটি রচনা লেখ. Here is an essay about the Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones for school and college-level students. 300 words essay writing.

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone


The mobile phone is one of the latest wonders of modern science. It is a wireless telephone that one can carry and use anywhere. The mobile phone has given a new dimension to all kinds of communication. The concept of a global village is getting successful due to mobile technology. However, every good thing may be used in an improper way and the mobile phone is not an exception.

Mobile phone in instant communication

Mobile phone helps us to make a call to a person anytime anywhere in the world. Using a mobile phone we can also receive calls from anywhere anytime across the globe. Making or receiving a call takes almost no time. We can also send and receive text messages to communicate with people instantly. Thus mobile phone helps us to establish instant communication.

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Internet facilities

The mobile phone has an internet facility. With the help of a mobile phone, we can browse the internet and send and receive emails. Besides, we can use social media, play video games and do online banking using a mobile phone.

Photos and videos

Today we usually do not use any extra camera. With the help of a mobile phone, we can take photos as many as we desire. No extra cost is necessary for this. Besides most of the mobile phones have video facilities.

Others facilities

The mobile phone has many other facilities. It has applications like watches and alarm clocks, notebooks, calculators, torchlight, etc. The mobile phone can be used for remote surveillance. Today many people use mobile technology to watch the activities of their employees from a distance. The mobile phone can also be used to give commands to some machines to work from a distance.


Mobile phones are often used for organized crime and inhuman activities like theft, hijacking, killing, etc. Again, radiation from the mobile phone can cause serious health hazards. Too much use of the mobile phone can damage our hearing, nervous system, brain cells and even cause cancer. Children can be more affected by mobile phones if they are exposed to them. Headaches, sleep disorders, short temper, depression, etc are also some common effects of using mobile phones.


Modern life is now greatly dependent on mobile phones. But we cannot ignore its abuses. So, we have to be more careful while using a mobile phone. We should not allow children to use it. Government should enforce strict laws to stop the use of mobile phones in criminal activities. Thus, it is possible to reap the highest benefit of this modern device.

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