Unconsciously In A Sentence Definition And Meaning In English

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Unconsciously is an adverb that describes something done or said without conscious thought. It implies a lack of control or awareness of one’s own actions and can be used to describe both habits and individual moments of unawareness.

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Unconsciously Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comHow to use unconsciously in a sentence. At SDPD, one officer who knocked his wife unconscious remains on the force and was even allowed to continue responding ...

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Unconscious Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comUnconscious definition, not conscious; without awareness, sensation, or cognition. See more. ... British Dictionary definitions for unconscious.

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Unconsciously sentence example · She straightened shoulders that had unconsciously slumped. · She stared at him for a moment, unconsciously holding her breath.

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  • What does “unconsciously” mean?

    Unconsciously is an adverb that expresses doing something without conscious thought or awareness.

    How is “unconsciously” used in a sentence?

    For example, you may say, “He unconsciously tapped his foot while he was waiting.” This means that the person was tapping their foot without realizing it.

    Can “unconsciously” also be used to describe habits?

    Yes, “unconsciously” can also be used to describe habits such as biting one's nails or tapping one's foot when nervous.

    Does the word "unconscious" have any relation to "unconsciousness"?

    Yes, the word "unconscious" is the adjective form of "unconsciousness", which refers to a state when someone has lost consciousness due to medical issues or physical harm.

    In short, “unconsciously” indicates that something was done or said without awareness or conscious thought, whether it be a momentary lapse in control or a habit someone does not realize they are doing.