Write a composition on ‘Student Life’ for School and College

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Write a composition on ‘Student Life’ for School and College. Student life is the life of preparation. Now, write a composition on ‘Student Life’. (ছাত্রজীবন). Here you will get more than 300 words of essay writing. It will help the school and college students.

Student Life composition


The period that we spend in acquiring knowledge in our educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, etc. is called student life. It is the golden period of life. We decorate our dreams in our minds at this stage. It is also called the period of sowing seeds (বীজ বপনের সময়). In this stage, as a student will sow, so will he reap.

Duties of a student

A student’s first and foremost duty is to study and acquire knowledge and prepare himself for a particular profession. He should be regular in his classes and should read his lessons attentively. Besides reading textbooks, he should read newspapers, magazines, novels, dramas, etc. to gather extra knowledge.

Write a composition on 'Student Life'

A student should always make the best use of his time because time and tide wait for none. In student life, a student should form the habit of practicing honesty, perseverance, sympathy, generosity (উদারতা) and obedience (অনুগত্য).

Social duties

A student may often come forward to render social services. During vacation, they can organize adult (বয়স্ক) education. They can arrange various kinds of educational programs for the destitute (অসহায়) children. Moreover, the students usually play an important role in arranging blood donation activities (রক্তদান কর্মসূচি).

Duties to the nation

Today’s students are the future leaders of the nation. So they should play a role in building the nation from their early life. They should extend (প্রসারিত করা) their helping hands in time of any national crisis (সঙ্কট). For instance, during natural calamities, they can stand by the people to ease their suffering.

In such situations, they can collect funds for the homeless and the penniless and take part in relief. Finally, they should study and work hard for the country with patriotic feelings.


Student life is the most important period of a man’s life. In this period, they should widen (প্রসারিত করা) their mental horizon (দিগন্ত). They should be confident and should study hard to enrich themselves with the latest knowledge of the world.

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