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Refrigerator In Chinese

By Team MeaningKosh - 18 February 2022

"refrigerator in chinese". Get the meaning in Hindi at online dictionary. Definition of refrigerator in chinese. What is another word for refrigerator in chinese? This is the right place where you will get the proper information. What does refrigerator in chinese? However, check refrigerator in chinese Hindi at our online dictionary below.

Table Of Content:

5. How to distinguish between a fridge(refrigerator) and a ... - italki
How to distinguish between a fridge(refrigerator) and a ... - italkiI am a little confused about how to say 'fridge' and 'freezer' in Chinese. When I look the words up I get the same word for both 冰箱. The problem I have with ...

6. Haier - Wikipedia
Haier - WikipediaIn the 1920s, a refrigerator factory was built in Qingdao to supply the Chinese market. After the 1949 establishment of the People's Republic of China, ...

8. Go Fridge - Wikipedia
Go Fridge - WikipediaGo Fridge also known as Play, Fridge, is a Chinese cooking show produced by Tencent Video. The rights were bought from South Korean television series Please ...


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