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The NSU Course Wizard is a tool designed to help students at Nova SouthEastern University create their individualized course schedules for the semester. With the Course Wizard, students can easily search for and add courses to their schedule based on their area of interest and degree requirements.

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1. Course Wizard
Course WizardCourse Wizard enables students to browse and search course information: class dates, times, and locations; course descriptions; instructor names; ...

6. Current Students | Halmos College of Arts and Sciences | NSU
Current Students | Halmos College of Arts and Sciences | NSUSome items require your NSU ID sign-on. ... Academic Calendar · 2022-23 Graduate Program Catalog; Course Wizard · Student Handbook · Campus Resource Guide ...

How do I access the NSU Course Wizard?

You can access the NSU Course Wizard by logging in to your MyNSU account and clicking on the “Course Registration” tab at the top of the page.

Can I view available course times when building my schedule?

Yes, with the Course Wizard you can view available course times for each course you are interested in. This will make it easier to plan your schedule around any conflicts you may have.

Can I customize my schedule once I have added courses?

Yes, once you have added a course to your schedule, you can then move classes around or remove them as needed to create your ideal schedule.

Does the NSU Course Wizard consider prerequisites when recommending courses?

Yes, when searching for and adding courses with the Course Wizard, all prerequisites will be taken into account so that you don't accidentally enroll in a class without having met its requirements first.

Can I use other filters like days/times or professors when searching for courses?

Yes, with the NSU Course Wizard you can utilize various filters such as days/times, professors and credits when searching for courses so that you find exactly what fits into your academic lifestyle best.

The NSU Course Wizard offers an easy way for students at Nova SouthEastern University to create personalized course schedules for each semester. With its various search filters and prerequisites considerations, users are able to quickly find courses that fit their academic goals and lifestyle needs.


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