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My Childhood Paragraph writing for the students of School and College level. Paragraph on My Childhood in English. Childhood Memories Paragraph SSC, HSC students.

My Childhood / Childhood Memories Paragraph

My childhood, like everybody’s, is full of events worth remembering. It is the pillar-stone on which stands my whole being-imagination, memory, fancy, and the historical foundation of the self.

My Childhood Paragraph

Childhood -be it pleasurable or sorrowful—is always very attractive, as though an addiction. And the one with a rich memory is more attractive. Consequently, I, who have lost my parents, love, and affection, and the carefree life in my very childhood, feel an inevitable nostalgia when I think about it.

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Standing on the threshold of the alien world of adulthood, when I look back through my puerile imagination at my by gone days, I get benumbed by the charm of what I have lost but yet am proud of; I feel through thinking, and think through feeling, my eyes filled with tears. Oh, how nice those days where!

A wholeness of freedom within a limit, the carefree pastime with brothers and sisters and parents and nature and pets, sensing the pleasure of love and affection. Sometimes, now, I cannot but wonder why ever I had to lose that childhood. But alas, nature works her won way.

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