Ma To Lpn Bridge Program

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A bridge program is a fast track option for LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses to transition into becoming an RN or Registered Nurse. This MA to LPN bridge program offers nurses the opportunity to gain experience on the job while simultaneously completing coursework towards their license. This type of program enables students to complete the educational requirements necessary to become an RN faster than if they pursued a traditional nursing degree program.

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3. Medical Assistant to LPN. Is it possible?
There are few, if any, programs at post-secondary schools that are specifically designed to bridge medical assistants into a career as an LPN.

8. MA to LPN | Medical Assistant Certification to Licensed Practical Nurse
Medical Assistant to LPN Bridge Programs. Medical Assistant vs LPN. While the duties of Medical Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses are very similar, they ...

9. Medical Assistant to RN Bridge Programs
Medical Assistant to RN Bridge ProgramsThey are responsible for nurse assistants, LPNs, and other ancillary staff. They direct and oversee the care team to ensure patient care needs are met. As ...

What is a bridge program?

A bridge program is an accelerated track option for LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses that enables them to transition into an RN or Registered Nurse. The MA to LPN bridge program allows students to complete coursework for their license while also gaining relevant experience on the job.

How does the MA to LPN bridge program work?

The MA to LPN bridge program allows experienced nurses who currently have their license as an LPN to begin working toward their Registered Nurse license. Students will gain experience by working in a healthcare setting and can concurrently work toward completing courses needed for their license online, in-classroom learning, or with clinical laboratory hours depending on the state regulations.

How long does the MA to LPN bridge take?

The duration of this bridge program depends on how much prior experience and education you have when you enter the program, as well as how much time you dedicate each week towards studies and clinical hours. Generally, it takes roughly 18 months for completion if all prerequisites are met before starting.

What credentials do I need in order to be accepted into this type of program?

In order to be eligible for this type of program, you must hold a valid current practical nursing license from your respective state and meet any other state requirements such as having a valid CPR certification. Additionally, some school may require minimum grades from certain prerequisite classes along with documentation showing that you have completed specific courses such as anatomy/physiology and chemistry.

The MA To LPN Bridge Program provides opportunity for qualified individuals with previous knowledge and experience in nursing who are interested being part of the medical field population as registered nurses. Through this type of accelerated route, it can mean shorter paths in preparing new registered nurses who can serve those in need nationwide.


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