How To Nickname Usaa Account

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Nicknaming a USAA account is a great way to keep track of your finances and stay organized. Nicknames make it easier to identify which account you are transferring money from or making a payment from. This article will go over how to nickname your USAA account.

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I have about 8 to 12 different accounts with USAA Federal Savings Bank. Each account has a debit or credit card that comes with it.

Can I change my USAA account nicknames anytime?

Yes, you can change your USAA account nicknames at any time. Simply log in your online banking profile, select the accounts tab and click on "Manage My Nicknames." You can then update your nicknames as needed.

What if I forget my nickname?

If you forget your nickname, simply log in and select the accounts tab and click on "View My Nickname" next to the name of the account. You will then be able to view all of your current nicknames for each individual account.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can use for each nickname?

Yes, there is a limit of 18 characters per nickname when creating an account nickname with USAA.

Nicknaming your USAA accounts can help make managing and tracking your finances simpler and more efficient. With all of the helpful features that this bank provides like naming restrictions, changing options and more, it's easy to stay organized when dealing with multiple accounts. Use these tips above to help manage your accounts today!


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