Fruits of Bangladesh- Writing Essay & Composition

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Fruits of Bangladesh writing essay and composition. Write a composition on ‘Fruits of Bangladesh’ for all the students (School and College).

Fruits of Bangladesh – Essay & Composition


Bangladesh is enriched with various gifts of nature. The fruit is one of the valuable natural gifts. The suitable land and climate help her to grow different kinds of fruits in different seasons. These are very helpful to keep a sound body and a sound mind.

Kinds of Bangladeshi fruits

Bangladesh produces many kinds of fruits. These are different in size, taste, and color. Some are big and some are small. Some taste sweet and some are sour. Again the fruits may be classified as summer fruits, winter fruits, and fruits in all seasons. The most common fruits of Bangladesh are mangoes, jack -fruits, bananas, coconuts, pineapples, etc.

Fruits of Bangladesh- Writing Essay & Composition


The mango is a summer fruit. It is called the king of fruits. There are many kinds of mangoes. They are Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog, etc. They are famous for their taste and flavor. Mango grows in plenty in Rajshahi, Chapi Nowabgonj, and Bogura.


Jack-fruit is the biggest of all fruits in size. It is called the national fruit of Bangladesh. It is delicious and sweet. It grows largely in the districts of Dhaka, Mymensingh, and Chattogram.

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    Banana grows almost everywhere in the country. It grows all year-round. It is sweet and beautiful. The Sabri and the Sagar are the best bananas.


    The green coconut is delicious food. It grows in all seasons, It grows in plenty in the coastal districts. The water of the green coconut is a good drink. The ripe coconuts give us both food and oil.


    Pine-apple is a juicy and fleshy fruit. It grows well in the districts of Sylhet and Chattogram hill tracts. It is available in the rainy season.

    Some other fruits

    There are many other fruits in Bangladesh. Among them papaws (পেঁপে), litchis, black-berries (কালােজাম), dates খেজুর), melons (তরমুজ), wood-apples (বেল), guava (পেয়ারা), lemons, etc. are very well-known. These fruits are both nutritious and tasty.

    Importance of fruits

    Fruits are good food. They are rich in food value. They contain a lot of vitamins and mineral salts. We can also earn much foreign money by exporting them to other countries.


    Each fruit has its own flavor and taste. Fruits satisfy our hunger for various tastes. They protect us from diseases. Soils of Bangladesh are very suitable for growing various types of fruits. So we should try to grow more fruits.

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