Florida Real Estate Post License Course

By Team MeaningKosh

This Florida real estate post license course is designed to help real estate agents learn more about the industry and how to provide exceptional customer service. This training provides agents with essential information such as the rules of dealing with customers, how to handle disclosures, and understanding market trends. With this course, agents can become better educated and more knowledgeable in order to provide a higher level of service for their clients.

Table Of Content:

What topics are included in this course?

This Florida real estate post license course covers topics such as customer service, disclosure rules, market trends and analysis, professional ethics and conduct, legal compliance, technology use in real estate practices, listing presentations, closing procedures, and much more.

Is this course required by law?

Yes. All licensed real estate agents in Florida are required by law to complete regular continuing education every two years. This includes a post-license course within 18 months of becoming a licensed agent.

How long does it take to complete this course?

The length of time it takes to complete the course will depend on the individual’s learning style; however generally the entire course should take somewhere between 12-18 hours total depending on the material being covered.

Can I take this class online?

Yes! Most courses are available in an online format for convenience and flexibility. Online courses also typically include video components that allow for additional visibility into important concepts for better assimilation of the material.

This Florida real estate post license course is an essential component of becoming a successful real estate agent in Florida. Agents who take part in this training will benefit from gaining knowledge surrounding current trends in the industry while also receiving vital information on conducting business ethically in accordance with laws and regulations governing real estate transactions.


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