Does Peacock Show Ads During Movies

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Ads are a common form of revenue for streaming services, including Peacock. This article provides an overview of whether or not Peacock runs ads during movies.

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Does Peacock show ads during movies?

Yes, Peacock does show ads during movies for non-Premium users. For subscribers with Premium accounts, movie viewing is ad-free.

Is there an additional cost to watch movies without ads?

Yes, viewers can upgrade their account to the Peacock Premium tier which eliminates ads from the viewing experience. The cost depends on the plan selected.

How often do these ads appear during a movie?

Ads usually appear every 10 to 20 minutes when watching a movie on Peacock with a non-premium account.

Are the ads skippable?

No, unfortunately these ads are not skippable on Peacock's standard tier. Viewers must upgrade to Premium for an ad-free experience.

Is there a way to remove the ads from my account permanently?

Upgrading to the Premium tier is the only way to eliminate all advertisements permanently from your account on Peacock.

Even though it can be annoying at times, advertising is part of what makes streaming services like Peacock available and affordable for everyone. To avoid seeing any commercials while watching movies on this platform, become a Premium subscriber today!


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