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This doctor of strategic leadership is a program designed to prepare students for positions of authority in the fields of business, commerce, and government. It provides students with an advanced understanding of the many facets of strategic leadership by providing them with rigorous coursework and research. This program helps develop essential skills such as analysis methods, communication, collaboration, decision-making, problem-solving and project management. By furthering their knowledge and capabilities in these areas, graduates will be equipped to lead organizations through uncertain times in today’s ever-changing world.

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  • What makes this doctorate different from other leadership programs?

    This unique doctorate focuses on the application of cognition concepts related to the development and deployment of strategies for leading complex organizations in complex environments. It also fosters critical thinking about how to translate strategy into reality by linking it to development practices and organizational design. This program goes beyond traditional theories of leadership by focusing heavily on the political aspects that come into play when leading organizations, making it ideal for those looking to deal with challenging conditions while advancing their career within management or senior roles.

    What types of courses are offered in this doctorate?

    The curriculum covers several topics including negotiation tactics and practices, conflict resolution strategies, developing ethical cultures & behavior in organizations, managing change initiatives effectively across teams and functions, innovation processes & frameworks within organizations, strategic planning & implementation models and frameworks among others. All courses are designed to provide students with the necessary tools they need to become effective leaders in any organization or industry.

    What type of research opportunities will I be exposed to as part of this program?

    As part of this program’s curriculum you will have access to various research opportunities ranging from case studies involving real world scenarios taking place within companies as well as specialized projects aimed at understanding contemporary issues concerning strategic decision making or organizational behavior . These research activities are created so that students gain a better understanding on how businesses work from a strategic standpoint or from an organizational perspective.

    Are there any other benefits associated with this doctorate?

    Yes! Graduates from this program not only gain applicable skills applicable for immediate use but also exhibits qualities that can increase employability prospects after graduation as employers will look more favorably upon applicants with experience implementing robust strategies under highly unpredictable situations thus further increasing their chances at promotion once hired due to higher qualifications received through this doctorate.

    In conclusion, the Doctor of Strategic Leadership is an ideal option for individuals who wish to become successful business leaders within industries requiring resilience during unpredictable times or even those seeking further advancement within current roles. By completing coursework covering theory-based concepts along side actionable examples for practical implementation graduates can expect a unique education not found elsewhere granting them more freedom when it comes time deciding what path they want take professionally later down the road..


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