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An adult is a person who has passed a certain age threshold that society deems as having reached adulthood. This definition varies from country to country, but generally falls between the ages of 18 to 21. Adults are typically viewed as being independent and responsible for their own actions.

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What age is typically considered the age of majority?

Generally in most countries, the age of majority is between 18 and 21 years old.

What distinguishes an adult from other stages of life?

An adult is typically seen as an independent entity, with full autonomy and legal responsibility for their actions.

Are there any special rights associated with reaching adulthood?

Yes, adults gain the right to vote, to enter into contracts, as well as emancipate themselves from their parent or guardian's control in many countries.

Does reaching adulthood vary from one country to another?

Indeed it does! While most countries agree on a minimum age for adulthood (usually 18-21), different countries may have different laws about when someone can be considered officially "adult".

Are there any other considerations when defining what constitutes being an adult?

Yes - moral considerations such as maturity and independence may also factor into defining someone as an adult. In some cases, these moral criteria may override entry by age alone.

Becoming an adult marks a major milestone in life, signaling both the acquisition of increased rights and responsibilities. The term “adult” may mean something different across cultures; however all societies acknowledge that this stage marks a significant change in status compared to minors or children.


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