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Collision is a phenomenon in which two objects interact with each other and collide with one another. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, collision is the “action of one moving object hitting another”. In this definition, it is important to note that while both objects are in contact with each other during a collision, they must also be moving at the time of contact for it to be classified as a collision.

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2. Collision | Definition of Collision by Merriam-Webster
Collision | Definition of Collision by Merriam-Webster3 days ago ... Collision definition is - an act or instance of colliding : clash. How to use ... Britannica English: Translation of collision for Arabic Speakers.

What makes an event a 'collision'?

A collision occurs when two objects are in contact and there is movement between them. This movement can be either linear or angular, depending on the type of motion involved.

How does a collision affect objects?

Collisions typically involve transfer of energy from one object to another, resulting in changes to their physical properties such as velocity and momentum. Additionally, collisions can cause physical damage or destruction to objects involved.

Is a collision always between two objects?

While collisions typically occur between two objects, they can also occur among multiple objects if all of them are in motion and in contact with each other at the same time.

To summarize, Collision is an event involving two or more moving objects that come into contact with each other. It involves transfer of energy between the objects and usually results in changes to their physical properties such as velocity and momentem as well as potential damage or destruction to them.


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