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1. Spanish | Definition of Spanish by Merriam-Webster
Spanish | Definition of Spanish by Merriam-WebsterSpanish definition is - the Romance language of the largest part of Spain and of the countries colonized ... The first known use of Spanish was in the 15th century ... See the full definition for Spanish in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

2. Gringo - Wikipedia
Gringo - WikipediaA gringo (male) or gringa (female) is someone considered a foreigner from the perspective of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in Latin America. Gringo usually refers to a foreigner, especially from the United States. Although it is considered an offensive term in some Spanish-speaking ... According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use in English ...

3. El Dorado | Definition of El Dorado by Merriam-Webster
El Dorado | Definition of El Dorado by Merriam-WebsterEl Dorado definition is - a city or country of fabulous riches held by 16th century explorers to exist in South America. ... The Spaniards called the city ruled by this flamboyant monarch El Dorado, Spanish for ... 1596, in the meaning defined at sense 1 ... ARABIC TRANSLATION · NGLISH - SPANISH-ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

4. Spanish language - Wikipedia
Spanish language - WikipediaSpanish is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is ... The Spanish Constitution of 1978 uses the term castellano to define the official language of the whole Spanish ... volando; the respective English equivalents of these examples—'to run up' and 'to fly out'—show that English is, ...

5. English-Spanish dictionary - Linguee
English-Spanish dictionary - LingueeFind Spanish translations in our English-Spanish dictionary and in ... Linguee is so intuitive, you'll get your translation even before you've finished typing.

6. Español Definition & Meaning |
Español Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comHow to use español in a sentence. One day he's calling Spanish the language of the “ghetto,” the next he's apologizing on YouTube en Espanol. Newt ...

7. Spanish Dictionary - Duolingo
Spanish Dictionary - DuolingoNeed help translating a word, phrase, or sentence in Spanish? Use the Duolingo dictionary. ... Spanish-English Translation. See word explanations, example ...

8. What Does Puto Mean? | Translations by
What Does Puto Mean? | Translations by Dictionary.comCalling someone a puto, whether in a Spanish or mixed English–Spanish contexts, is very offensive. It is like calling someone a faggot. Using puto to call someone ...

10. Corona Definition & Meaning |
Corona Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comCorona definition, a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light ... It was also known as corōna querca, or “oak crown,” because it was made ... Next up in English's record, evidenced around the mid-1600s, is corona meaning “a ring ... The logo for corona features a gold crown—corona being the Spanish word ...

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