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A broad based definition is a form of description that is comprehensive, incorporating a range of perspectives to provide an understanding of the concept as a whole. It often addresses social, cultural, and historical contexts. This type of definition looks at generally accepted concepts but also takes into account various viewpoints and offers a more holistic approach when defining terms and phrases.

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2. Broad-based Definition & Meaning |
Broad-based Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comBroad-based definition, involving participation or support by a broad spectrum of things or people: The senator had a broad-based campaign. See more.

4. Broad-based - definition of broad-based by The Free Dictionary
Broad-based - definition of broad-based by The Free Dictionarybroad-based. adj. comprehensive and inclusive. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991,  ...

9. Broad-spectrum Meaning | Best 7 Definitions of Broad-spectrum
Broad-spectrum meaning · The definition of broad-spectrum is something that is effective in a wide variety of ways. · Widely applicable or effective. · Effective against ...

10. BROAD-BASED | Definition of BROAD-BASED by Oxford Dictionary ...
BROAD-BASED | Definition of BROAD-BASED by Oxford Dictionary ...What is the meaning of BROAD-BASED? How do you use ... Translate broad- based into Spanish ... Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language?

What makes a broad based definition different from other types of definitions?

A broad based definition goes further than other forms of definitions because it considers various perspectives when providing an understanding of a term or phrase. This type of definition will explore social, historical, cultural, and even economic contexts to provide a comprehensive understanding.

When would be an appropriate time for using a broad based definition?

A broad based definition can be applicable in any situation where context is important to understand the concept as whole. It provides a thorough explanation by accounting for multiple perspectives in formulating the overall meaning.

How can someone use a broad based definition in their own work?

Incorporating this type of definition into one's own work involves looking at traditional definitions while also focusing on how they relate to larger social or cultural issues. By doing so, one can gain insight into the more holistic meaning behind words and phrases that help enrich their writing or research project.

Does using a broad based definition require extensive research?

While researching relevant information is typically recommended for providing an accurate interpretation through a broad based definition, it does not necessarily need to involve extensive research depending on the subject matter being discussed. Instead, it heavily relies on analyzing existing information from various sources with an eye toward creating greater knowledge and understanding.

Broad based definitions are valuable tools that should be used across many disciplines to help offer more meaningful interpretations when analyzing language or concepts more deeply. These types of definitions provide depth by taking into account multiple facets to create a holistic understanding beyond what traditional definitions may offer alone.


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