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A bounce move is a type of basketball dribbling technique that requires the player to make quick, alternating movements while controlling the ball. Players use this move to create space from defenders, gain advantages over opponents, and make more accurate passes. The goal of a bounce move is to protect the ball from being stolen by creating distance between the dribbler and his/her opponents.

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1. Bounce | Definition of Bounce by Merriam-Webster
Bounce | Definition of Bounce by Merriam-WebsterBounce definition is - beat, bump. ... to move in one direction, hit a surface (such as a wall or the floor), and then quickly move in a different and usually opposite ... See the full definition for bounce in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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Bounce Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comBounce definition, to spring back from a surface in a lively manner: The ball ... 1175–1225; Middle English buncin,bounsen, variant of bunkin, apparently ...

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Banking bouncebounce1 /baʊns/ ○○○ S3 verb 1 MOVE FROM A SURFACEball/object  ...

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What does bounce mean? ... To move with an up-and-down motion, as from resilience. verb. 0. 0 ... The definition of a bounce is a leap, jump or a spring back. ... From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

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bounce - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comBounce is a word for an up and down movement or recovery — like a ball's bounce on the pavement or ... Definitions of bounce ... move up and down repeatedly.

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What is a bounce move in basketball?

A bounce move is a dribbling technique used in basketball where a player quickly alternates movement direction with the ball to create space from their opponent and protect it from being stolen.

How can a bounce move help players on court?

A bounce move helps players on court by creating an advantage against their opponents and allowing them to make more accurate passes. It also provides protection for the ball handler by keeping them at a distance from their defender.

Does everyone use the same bounce moves?

No, there are many variations of bounce moves that players can use depending on their style and level of skill. Each one requires different techniques which can be personalized according to individual preference.

Is it difficult to learn the proper technique of using a bounce move?

While learning any new basketball skill may be challenging for some players, mastering a bounce move does not require too much practice as long as you consistently practice it with proper form and technique. With time and patience, it can be easily learned.

Bounce moves are very useful for basketball players looking to have an advantage against opponents or more control over their passes. This dribbling technique enables them to protect their ball from being stolen while still providing an offensive advantage for themselves and their team. With enough practice and dedication, anyone should be able to master this skill.


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