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Adulting is a difficult concept for many young adults. From building credit and creating a budget to finding reliable housing and insurance, it’s discouraging when you don’t know how or where to start. Our Adulting Online Course is designed to provide information and resources that will allow young adults to gain the skills they need in order to successfully transition into adulthood. With our comprehensive online course, young adults can learn important life skills at their own pace and in their own time.

Table Of Content:

1. Adulting: A Crash Course: Home
Adulting: A Crash Course: HomeOur crash courses provide tools and skills to tackle adulting challenges, whether you are looking for yourself, your students or your employees.

2. Adulting | Udemy
Adulting | UdemyThis course will explore the many dimensions of how to successfully adult. ... Essential Life Skills Course ... Life skills Boot camp with Free E-book.

4. The Adulting Academy - The Adulting Academy
An Online School for the Stuff We Really Need to Know ... Access to an online portal of dozens of classes, courses, and workshops covering different money, ...

7. Adult Learning Academy Winter 2023 - Miami-Dade Public Library ...
Adult Learning Academy Winter 2023 - Miami-Dade Public Library ...Free online courses taught by certified teachers are available to adults ages 18 years and up who live in Miami-Dade County.

8. Adulting in the Real World: Home
Adulting in the Real World: HomeAdulting in the Real World will help you take control of your future. Master your finances, relationships, work, and life in one online course. adult·ing.

10. Adulting School: Home
Adulting School: HomeGet Schooled In Portland. Who can put a price on confidence? Well, ok, we did. But it's super affordable, and so worth it. Some of our classes are even free ...

What topics are covered in the Adulting Online Course?

The Adulting Online Course covers topics such as credit ratings, budgeting, taxes, financial literacy, investing, insurance basics and more. It also provides guidance on lifestyle such as food & nutrition and time management.

Is the course interactive?

Yes! The Adulting Online Course includes activities to orient students toward learning skills and knowledge required for strong adulthood. There are video lectures available for each topic along with supporting quizzes and interactive lessons.

Are there any assessments conducted during the course?

Yes! At key points during the course, students will be asked to complete assessments which serve to reinforce the material that has been covered up until that point in the course.

The Adulting Online Course provides a comprehensive look at all of the necessary skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood - from developing achievable goals for personal finances and investments to understanding key concepts like filing taxes and insurance basics. Through interactive activities such as video lectures, quizzes, assessments, as well as supplemental reading material - this online course is sure to get you prepared for real life adulting!


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