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Scholarship is an incredibly important part of academic research. The core idea behind scholarship is the pursuit of evidence-based knowledge that can be applied to benefit our understanding of different topics, disciplines and issues. It's a form of inquiry and communication with the ultimate goal being to improve public good.

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1. Scholarly | Definition of Scholarly by Merriam-Webster
Scholarly | Definition of Scholarly by Merriam-WebsterScholarly definition is - of, characteristic of, or suitable to learned persons ... See the full definition for scholarly in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

3. Scholar | Definition of Scholar by Merriam-Webster
Scholar | Definition of Scholar by Merriam-WebsterScholar definition is - a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher ... See the full definition for scholar in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

5. Scholar - Wikipedia
Scholar - WikipediaA scholar is a person who pursues academic and intellectual activities, particularly those that ... 1 Definitions; 2 Role in society; 3 Independent scholars; 4 See also ... Such civil servants earned academic degrees by means of Imperial ... teaching, speaking engagements, or consultant work, the University of British Columbia ...

6. Scholar Definition & Meaning |
Scholar Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comScholar definition, a learned or erudite person, especially one who has ... to Latin schol(a)school + -āris-ar; replacing Middle English scoler(e),Old English ...

7. University - Wikipedia
University - WikipediaA university (Latin: universitas, 'a whole') is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and ... An important idea in the definition of a university is the notion of academic ... Some scholars argue that Al-Azhar University, founded in 970-972 AD and ... English, French and German universities usually awarded bachelor's ...

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  • What type of knowledge does scholarship pursue?

    Scholarship pursues evidence-based knowledge in order to improve our understanding of different topics, disciplines or issues. This knowledge can then be used to inform action for public good.

    How does scholarship advance knowledge?

    Through the process of rational inquiry and communication, scholars are able to extend their understanding on various issues which improves their overall knowledge base. By doing so, they are able to inform action for the public good.

    What is the goal of scholarship?

    The ultimate aim of scholarship is to advance knowledge and inform action for the public good through rational inquiry into diverse topics and disciplines.

    Scholarship plays a crucial role in advancing scholarly research by encouraging scholars to deepen their understanding through evidence-based exploration. By engaging in this type of rigorous inquiry, scholars are able to contribute valuable insights that shape decision making for the benefit of all members in society.


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