Abnormal Sentence Definition And Meaning In English

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An abnormal sentence is a type of sentence that has an unusual structure, strange word combinations, or nonstandard usage. It can be used to add emphasis or create a unique style. It is also used in poetry and literature to emphasize particular points or evoke emotion.

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10. abnormal - Dictionary Definition :
abnormal - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comAbnormal is a combination of the Latin prefix ab which means “away from,” and the English word normal. It essentially means “not normal,” or "unusual.

What are the different types of abnormal sentences?

Abnormal sentences can take many forms. They might include unusual word order (e.g., “the cat climbed quickly tree”), using uncommon words (e.g., “languidly ran down the moonpath”), or making use of double negatives (e.g., “no one never said nothing”). Other examples include incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, and sentences with too many clauses.

Why do authors use abnormal sentences?

Authors may use abnormal sentences to emphasize certain points or evoke certain emotions from the reader. They can also be used to create a unique narrative style that stands out from more traditional writing styles and helps to draw readers into the story.

What are some examples of abnormal sentences?

Some examples of abnormal sentences include “under a great tree sang a nightingale”, “I hurriedly made my way through the dark forest”, and “in the depths of winter I still find hope”.

In summary, an abnormal sentence is a type of sentence that uses an unusual structure or word combinations to create unique language effects or emotions. These types of constructions can be found in both everyday speech and in literary works such as poems and novels.


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