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A stone thrown away is a phrase that is used to describe when something has been wasted or forgotten. It implies that whatever is thrown away, be it material goods or time spent on something, was done with little thought and care. This phrase is most commonly seen in the context of people who have not taken advantage of an opportunity given to them or those who have made a careless decision which has displeased someone else.

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Stone's Throw | Definition of Stone's Throw by Merriam-WebsterStone's throw definition is - a short distance. ... Examples of stone's throw in a Sentence ... Recent Examples on the Web The houses there are large and gated, and just a stone's throw away from the residence of acting Prime Minister ... ENGLISH - ARABIC TRANSLATION · NGLISH - SPANISH-ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

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You could conceivably say e.g. "It's several stones' throw away", but I think without context the meaning would be more ambiguous (i.e. do you mean it's "just a ...

What does it mean when something is "thrown away"?

It means that the item, opportunity or task has essentially been discarded and wasted with little thought or consideration given to its potential value.

Where did the phrase "a stone thrown away" come from?

The origin of this phrase is uncertain but it likely comes from the idea of throwing stones as a way of disposing useless things, such as stones from fields.

How is the phrase typically used?

This phrase is generally used when referring to decisions that have been made without much thought and ended up being pointless or ineffective in some way.

Is there an opposite meaning for "a stone thrown away"?

Yes - the opposite meaning of this phrase would be 'an opportunity taken' or 'a wise decision'.

In conclusion, understanding the concept of a stone thrown away can help one better understand how decisions can be made hastily without taking full advantage of all potential options. If we take our time to thoughtfully evaluate our choices before making a decision, then we can avoid wasting valuable resources and opportunities in our lives.


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