A Book Fair Paragraph for 6 to 12 Class students

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A Book Fair Paragraph writing for 6 to 12 Class students. School-level and College-level students can write a Paragraph A Book fair. SSC and HSC students short Paragraph A Book Fair.

A Book Fair Paragraph

In Bangladesh there are two main book fairs per year: the Dhaka Book Fair sponsored and arranged by the Jatio Grantha Kendero, and the Ekushe Bio Mela arranged by the Bangla Academi. The former was started on January 1st and the latter has been being held for years. Both the book fairs are famous and have attracted the attention of book lovers countrywide. Book fairs are very essential for people of such a developing country as Bangladesh.

We all know that the literacy of our country is around 31 percent, a very small figure. Again, those who are literate seldom read books of their own accord. Such fairs, obviously, increase the number of readers and book-lovers. The nation which does not read books can not prosper.

So we need to read more and more and learn accordingly. Book fairs are an excellent idea of the modern age. We all should bolster the establishment of book fairs more than two times a year. We all should buy books and read them.

A Book Fair Paragraph

Book Fair Paragraph for SSC Exam

A book fair is an exhibition of books. Shown here are different types of books by different authors. It is usually organized by an organization such as Bangla Academy or a publisher. Book exhibitions are usually held both in small towns and in the towns of Zilla. Book exhibitions are held on special occasions like February 21st, Pamela Baishah, etc. A few days ago to buy recently published books.

I attended Mahan Bushi Boy Mela at Bangla Academy. Local. I visited many booths there and saw various old and recently published books from home and abroad. Since then, many books have been written by the most attractive writers. There were fairy tales and ghost stories on colored covers. The environment was very nice. He has books and gets into the habit of buying books. I was very excited when I was at the fair.


Finally, we reached the last stage of short paragraph writing. Still, if you have a question about “a book fair paragraph 300 words” write under the comments section.

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